HMC by Axl Laiton (MP4 Video Download)

HMC by Axl Laiton (MP4 Video Download)



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HMC by Axl Laiton (MP4 Video Download)

 How Many Cards? ,A new unique effect, The spectator says the number of cards he wants and in a box of cards you have the exact amount. no laping, no splicing

How Many Cards? , It is an effect created mainly to do magic at a distance through a video call but in the same way it can be done in front of spectators and they don't need to touch.
it is a visual, dynamic and interactive effect.
the premise is simple but the result is incredible. The box of cards is shaken and The spectator estimates by the sound a number of cards that are inside the box, in a clear way the cards are taken out, you show the empty box and on the tips of the fingers you count one by one and is the exact number of cards that the spectator said.

Once you try it, it will not leave your repertoire.