Magnet-0 by Henry Harrius & Armando C (MP4 Video Download 1080p FullHD Quality)

Magnet-0 by Henry Harrius & Armando C (MP4 Video Download 1080p FullHD Quality)



Products Description

Henry Harrius & Armando C - Magnet-0 (video in 1080p quality; gimmick not included)

Magnet-0 (pronounced Magnet Zero) is, for us, all about the image. The most brilliant part about this terrific effect is the visual you get to create for your audience. Balancing a borrowed coin on a sharpie cap and then sealing it off with an inverted glass is…weird. But weird in a fantastic way.

The visual is arresting and you can’t not look at the whole setup. Then, you walk away from the table and with a pass of your hand, cause the objects to animate from a distance. Your ability to cause the coin or key (or any small object) to fall off the cap at will is unforgettable. The visuals could not be more memorable.

Included in Magnet-0 is the one simple thing you need to work your magic. This effect is incredibly easy to perform and is almost self-working. You can (and should) borrow the quarter or key and, of course, any wine glass or tumbler will work. By utilizing a super quick and easy switch, you can even borrow the sharpie or have an ungimmicked sharpie available for examination.

As with everything produced by Henry Harius, Magnet-0 is made to last forever and to work again and again in real-world environments.

We’re always on the hunt for new and original effects, and this is one that we believe is truly worthy of adding to your repertoire.