The Given by Jamie Daws (Full Download)

The Given by Jamie Daws (Full Download)



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Jamie Daws - The Given (Instant Download)

On the 19th April 1692, one woman was tried as a witch. She would forever be known as... The Given

In 1692, the ‘Salem Witch Trials’ began. The persecution of those who were believed to ‘play alongside the Devil’. On the 19th April, Bridget Bishop was brought before the court accused of bewitching 5 young women. She had the most accusations to her name. At the same time, there was a secret society called the ‘Movement of the Occult’ (MOTO) who believed that Bridget was ‘given’ to them by Satan and that she alone would end the suffering of witches at the hand of the Church.

Bridget would forever be known as, ‘The Given’…

After a painting of Bridget is shown, a pile of other cards are introduced upon which a different name is written on each. It is explained that these are the names of the others who were put on trial and that perhaps, Bridget could enslave the spectator with her witchcraft. As an experiment the cards are systematically placed in either an ‘Angel’ or ‘Devil’ pile, and any rejected cards placed with the photo of Bridget. Every decision is free and fair, decided only by the spectator.

Even though they made completely random choices, when the pile of ‘Angel’ names is turned over, it is revealed that each card has a random letter of the alphabet on the back and somehow, they spell out ‘A-N-G-E-L’.

The ‘Devil’ cards are turned over and found to spell out the word ‘D-E-V-I-L’.

Which leads to the question… how was the spectator able to do this without ever knowing there were letters on the back? Was it luck? Or perhaps ‘The Given’ has possessed them. With this, the rejected pile is turned over and seen to spell out ‘G-I-V-E-N’.

‘The Given’ is a killer self working effect meaning you can focus on your presentation!

No Switches - No Extra Cards - No Sleights - No Gimmicks - No Equivoque - Self Working - Fully Examinable


You receive a 40 minute download video which has two full performances. In the download I discuss a brief run down of how I aged my props, the set up, the performance and little added tips. I discuss several handling ideas. You also receive a PDF with all of the artwork needed to make your own props as well as a script for the effect. Finally, you receive a separate file with separate JPEG images should you want to make larger or smaller versions.