Justin Miller - Monthly Magic Subscription (January 2014)

Justin Miller - Monthly Magic Subscription (January 2014)

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Magicians so often throw their money out of the window for stuff that is BS. But here you get so much from a great mind and magician... so much more than $5"

"I've noticed in other magician's DVD's or downloads that after explaining their effects, many times they throw in bonus ideas at the end and credit JM for the ideas and subtleties. To have a direct line to that kind of creativity for only $5 a month is a steal. Again, for $5 a month, I highly recommend MMS" -Abraham-

"JM this is the best $5 a month I have ever spent. Your teaching and wisdom is amazing!"-Tony-

"If you want to learn unknown-effects that are hard hitting and just down right ingenious from Justin, Then stop reading this and sign up. One of best things to happen in magic community. Oh and it's $5 a month with 3 of his effects from store! It's worth 5 times the price!"


"As always, Mr. Miller has delivered an extraordinary offer to his fans and followers. This is powerful, impactful material. Period. Highly recommended."
-D. Ulin-

"Being Apart of JM's MMS? All I can say is wow! When JM came out with this offer I was delighted someone in the magic community actually wants to help to preserve magic for future generations.But like all JM's Magic,when I had seen the price,my jaw dropped.Then on top of that he's giving away some of his magic FREE ( jaw drops) for signing up! You get to know more of JM as a person,and his life .His passion for the art is what drives me to be a better magician,but also a better person.JM is simply, a LEGEND."
-Brian Kennedy

"Best subscription I've ever had! Very straight forward and varied! (concepts, theory, ideas and EFFECTS)" -Shawn Fraser-

After many many talks with YOU my fans and customers I have finally decided to offer a monthly subscription for only $5 a month, simple and easy!

"What do I get for my 5 bones JM?"

I am glad you asked..please watch the video and I am very happy to share this journey with you.

For those who cannot watch the video is here is what you will get for just $5 a month:

1-2 brand NEW, never been published effect(s)!
An update on all projects I have going on that month!
A sneak peek at my newest effect before anyone else has a chance to see it!
$5 off my newest JM Presents, and a 24 hr window to get that material before anyone else!
Ideas, presentation advice, theories, and just funny stories!
And a chance to win a FREE 30 min skype session with me..EVERY MONTH!

All you have to do to get subscribed is just click on the Subscribe button below and I will send you the username and password to get your first 3 FREE effects!

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