0.01 Sec by Lyman Luo (Video Download)

0.01 Sec by Lyman Luo (Video Download)

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0.01SEC 0.01 Sec by Lyman Luo

Lyman Luoa talented underground magician in Guangzhou, China. He created one of the most visual sleights.

- The Lyman change, with such sleight you can do visual Oil and Water, Twisting the Aces, 4-cards Anti-ambitious Card, and more, endless possibilities.

3 original and extremely visual sleights, created 4 practical and powerful routines. Modern and visual effects from the genius mind ofLyman Luo.

Elegant, Visual and Revolutionary.

  1. Lyman Change
  2. Cheating Change
  3. Pop Out
  4. Lyman's Oil & Water
  5. Lyman's Triumph
  6. Mistake
  7. Hofzinser's Nightmare


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