Roddy McGhie - Flux

Roddy McGhie - Flux

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Roddy McGhie - Flux

One of the most visual card illusions to come along in years AND the hit at Blackpool 2014.

"Flux is incredibly visual yet simple in method. I love it. I didn't see it coming. It has my highest recommendation."-Cyril

"This is a startlingly visual effect with an elegantly simple yet ingenious method."-Michael Weber

"Da Vinci said that 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.' By this mantra, Flux is the most sophisticated effect I've ever handled. A breath taking visual, an elegant and highly original concept that creates a stunning magical moment. A piece of simple perfection."-Luke Jermay

"Roddy is a creative monster! A seemingly endless stream of 'off the wall' creativity and relentless ingenuity. FLUX is evidence of all of this and more."-Dave Forrest

"Flux was the best trick I saw at Blackpool!"-Mark Elsdon

"Flux is a completely fooling and practical illusion. A true worker!"-Cameron Francis

"Flux is a stunningly visual revelation. TV magic for the real world!"-James Went


A spectator sights a card from somewhere in the deck - the Two of Hearts. A second spectator is charged with 'psychically locating‘ the card by trying to ‘sense’ which of the face down cards it might be.

Perhaps not surprisingly, he fails, finding instead the King of Spades. in the hope of" discovering the correct card, you offer to demonstrate another psychic phenomenon - ‘automatic writing’!

The face of the King is signed and then, without looking, you begin to stab randomly at the back of the King with your marker pen. When you display your ‘psychic auto-art‘, it reveals nothing but a series of random dots and dashes...but you're not done!

You ask the ?0?3rst spectator to name his card - the Two of Hearts - and to stare intently at the random ink marks. With a gentle wave, right before their disbelieving eyes, the dots and dashes slowly and visually morph into legible text, spelling out the thought of card - Two of Hearts! The signed King is then immediately handed out and can be thoroughly examined.

Includes custom, precision engineered, Bicycle gaff cards plus a custom made tool that will allow you to produce your own cards to be given away as souvenirs. This is extremely visual, ‘slow-burn’ magic at its finest. Ready your senses for Roddy McGhie’s FLUX!

Roddy McGhie is a magician with big fans among magic‘s big names. Until now, he's been mostly operating ‘under the radar‘, applying his incredible talent for creating unique, original close-up to a number of top TV productions.

With FLUX, Roddy is finally giving up one of his most coveted effects. An effect so visually startling you'd swear it was a camera trick!

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