Cameron Francis - Hello My Name Is

Cameron Francis - Hello My Name Is

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Cameron Francis - Hello My Name Is

The PERFECT party trick. Totally impossible, multiple phases AND EASY TO LEARN.
Cameron Francis has created the perfect card to impossible location effect.
A memorable easy to follow presentation, a visual card reveal and their SIGNED card is found in the most impossible way. All done under extremely close supervision. Then after all of that awesomeness you give the spectator an impossible souvenir.

Here's what happens..

You introduce yourself and mention your name tag with your name on it. Then you have a card selected and SIGNED. The writing on the name tag visually changes into the name of their selection. Then as if that was not enough you peel the name tag off and their signed selection is attached BEHIND the name tag giving you the chance to give away the ultimate souvenir.
Hello My Name Is has it all. A commercial presentation, visual elements and a huge impossibility factor. All combined in a direct easy to learn routine with expert instructions from a worker who uses this routine all the time.

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