Justin Miller - The Bold Project Volume 2(NEW)

Justin Miller - The Bold Project Volume 2(NEW)

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The Bold Project Vol 2 by Justin Miller

In Bold Volume 2, Justin Miller prepares you to be FEARLESS in your magic. He gives you his personal guarantee that by the end of this DVD you’ll be a better, STRONGER performer. Absolute GEMS vital to learning how to perform to anyone in any situation.

This is raw, compelling magic proven over hundreds of live performances. Packed with 9 effects that will teach you lessons that can apply to all your performances - effects that will give you the confidence to get away with anything.

If you've already picked up the wildly successful Bold Volume 1 - you know what sort of high caliber magic, teaching and advice to expect - and you're ready as Justin turns up the heat in this second volume of the Bold Trilogy. If you haven't yet bought Bold Volume 1... you're missing out



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