Patrick Kun - Reflex

Patrick Kun - Reflex

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A three-phase routine with an ordinary, ungimmicked ring. Impromptu ring magic in finest form: the ring simply melts through your fingers.

Show your ring to the spectator, and ask them to hold out their hands. The ring is placed on YOUR index finger, and shown to visibly MELT through - falling into their outstretched hands. That's only the beginning.
The ring is completely ungimmicked. The routine is completely impromptu.
30 minutes of detailed instruction. Each move was designed to fit YOUR personal style in a standalone performance or within the structure of a routine. Patrick includes performance tips and subtleties that were developed with the help of Garrett Thomas, acclaimed ring magic expert.
As an extra bonus, Patrick teaches a beautiful ring vanish off the table. With just a wave, the ring seems to visually, fairly, slowly vanish.

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