Thumb Twister by Peter Loughran

Thumb Twister by Peter Loughran

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Peter Loughran - Thumb Twister

With this instant download you will receive a full instructional video on how to perform this bizarre and gruesome illusion, impromptu and with out any gimmicks or difficult sleights of any kind.

Be prepared to freak people out with this and other amazing finger illusions that will be taught to you during this approximately 20 minute instructional video download.

The illusions are visual and easy to do!

You will be performing these crazy and entertaining effects minutes after watching the video, they 're that easy!

Do not confuse these with finger illusions of old, these are completely original illusions designed by Peter Loughran and released in a video format for the very first time, taught by Peter himself.

The video is far from a Hollywood production, however it will provide you time with Peter himself in a humble, up-close and personal setting, doing what he does best, and that's teaching original new magic.

Filmed in Peter's product warehouse, you'll get to see another side of Peter with his off beat humour and will enjoy the entertainment value of the video as much as the illusions themselves.

The Thumb Twister effect is simple, the performer will snap his thumb backwards with it trapped between the knuckles of his other hand's fingers, apparently breaking it from it's joint, and then proceed to twist the thumb 360 degrees in full circle and then back again, gaining you freakish reactions!

This is visual like Shinkoh's Twisting Arm illusion but done with your thumb with a completely different and much easier method and includes the performer snapping their thumb almost in half before twisting it 360 degrees! It's totally gross to watch!

In addition Peter will also explain and perform 2 other amazing visual finger illusions that he has created including the hilarious Severed Finger of Death, where the performer will sever his finger in full view!

Thumb Twister and his other incredible finger illusions are amazing and visual impromptu effects to amaze and astonish your friends and family with and they can be used as gags or as shocking and gruesome illusions.

Download now, and start watching the video, then start grossing people out, you'll be glad you did!

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