Cell Break+Tandem by Justin Miller

Cell Break+Tandem by Justin Miller

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"This is pure GENIUS! When I watched your explanation of the effect, I laughed along with you when you said how easy and how great this effect really is. "Just wait till you see the reactions you'll get" -couldn't be more true of a statement!"-Tim-

"This effect is brilliant and I will be doing this everytime I go out now for sure! This is easy AND hits hard. Love it! And the bonus material.... Just as good as the actual effect in my opinion! A transpo from under the cellophane?! Umm, YES PLEASE!! These will def be going into my daily work to screw with minds. "-Bill-

"One of the main things I love about this is NOTHING is gimmicked! JM wasn't foolin when he said you will have this on you all times. I know I will. This is super simple but yet again so devious, exactly what great magic should be! The instructions JM lays out on the download are overly comprehensive as is the case with all his downloads and effects. This is a real worker. Both these effects are one of those that when you know what's going on that little devil inside you is just giggling! With both effects, when the the routines are over everything can be handed out for examination for all you "Can everything be examined" folks! Well no worries- all can be! JM also teaches an impromptu version which is super. Though, to do the signed coin version of Cell-Break requires you to carry one coin! So, basically you can almost call that routine impromptu too. This is strong magic folks- HIGHLY recommened!"-RNK-

"This is a WORKER!!Just got off the phone with JM telling him he is cracked for selling this at that price!!"-Sebastion Houston-

"HOLY SHIT! I thought I knew how it was done, but then, that vanish.. DAMN! JM...your the next Paul Harris!"-Kae-

"Got it today and it's brilliant!! Very pleased JM!"-Bernard-

"Grab a coin and a deck of cards and you've got a beautiful piece of magic. The explanation is just as fun to watch as the effect is to perform."You're not doing magic now, You're making babies!"Do yourself a favor and pick this up today, you'll be fooling people with it by tonight!"-Adam Wilber-

Get ready to perform an effect that will get YOU into others mind's. Cell-break is a anytime,anywhere, totally impromptu effect that has it all:

  • penetration!
  • visual vanishes!
  • and an impossible ending that they will never see coming!

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