Theory11 - Jason England - Side Steal

Theory11 - Jason England - Side Steal

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Theory11 - Jason England - Side Steal

Stealth. Versatility. Control.

The Side Steal allows total control of a single card to the top of the deck - invisibly. It doesn’t end there, use it to control a card to any position near the top or as a stunningly visual color change.

In-depthinstruction. Classic technique.

Learn with sleight of hand master Jason England. Over 20 years of card handling experience and nearly40 minutes of expert instructionincluding multiple presentations, cover and replacement actions along with various applications on the classic Side Steal technique.

Silky smooth streaming in 1080p HD.

Shot and mastered in HD. Grab a deck of cards, sit back, & learn one of the best ways to secretly control a card.

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