Dan and Dave - Valdemar Gestur - Target

Dan and Dave - Valdemar Gestur - Target

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Dan and Dave - Valdemar Gestur- Target

With no hands, threads or magnets, a deck mysteriously cuts itself to the exact location of a spectator’s card. If that isn't enough, the magician may then command the card to be pulled from the center by an invisible force. With all eyes on the deck, this moment will leave your audience screaming.

Created byValdemar Gesturand performed by Shin Lim. Target offers six variations to suite your performing style, from a ghostly slow-motion version to a whirling flourish we know you'll love. Also included is an easy method for levitating the cards from the box. You might just never manually remove them again.

The secret is a versatile new gimmick you won't want to be without. It's undetectable and allows for everything to be handed out with literally nothing to find. Better yet, nearly every drugstore carries it and Shin goes over exactly what it is.

Although the gimmick may be purchased at your local drugstore, you are welcome to purchase a supply from us.

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