Miguel Angel Gea - Cardmagic

Miguel Angel Gea - Cardmagic

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Miguel Angel Gea - Cardmagic

In this DVDMedia, Miguel Angel takes us through the world of perception, showing for us, four fascinating effects, which use semi psychological techniques (semiautomatic) to deceive everyone.

Four classic effects, easy to perform and highly deceptive.

Oil and Water
A classic very deceptive effect, and in which Miguel Angel Gea uses some new techniques (psychological) very easy to perform.

Again, a classic effect with a new technique using the perception, to deceive everyone.

Closed prediction
A new technique easy to perform, which will generate a surprising effect. A technique that you can use in many other tricks.

Vanish without Technique
Without any technique, a card watched in the deck, disappears for to reappear in the card box.

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