Alexander De Cova - Kartenpraxis (1-4) (Videos Magic Download)

Alexander De Cova - Kartenpraxis (1-4) (Videos Magic Download)

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Kartenpraxis by Alexander de Cova vol 1-4

Alexander De Cova - Kartenpraxis(1-4)

Several classic poker magic flow !

Anyone who knows Alexander de Cova, knows that he loves also card feat and uses in his professional engagements. So many routines emerged in the course of the years, that proved its value in the practice and that we will introduce you in this and the following volumes.

Volume 1 Contains:

- Appearing Deck.
- Ambitious Card.
- Transposition.
- Ordered Surprise.
- Card In Shoe.
- Flash Restauration.
- McDonald`s $ 100 Four-Ace-Trick.

Volume 2 Contains:

Cutting To The Aces "Light"
A shuffled deck is cut into three piles a couple of times, each time an ace appears on top of the middle pack. Ends with a surprising finale.

Cards Across
Two spectators each get 10 cards. Three cards travel from one spectator`s pack to the other spectator`s pack. No palming!

Feather Gag
A fun interlude while signing the card.

Baroque Transposition
A two-phase routine, whereas two cards change places ... two times.

Hang Man Plus
The magician draws a little figure, symbolizing the spectator on a little notepad. The drawing vanishes and reappears on the back of card, which was previously selected and signed by the spectator.

The selected and signed card disappears from the deck and is found sandwiched between the four kings ... inside a closed card box.

Card Through Newspaper
Three signed cards melt through the pages of a newspaper, just to be sandwiched between these pages.

Volume 3 Contains:

- Color changing deck.
- Card twist (variation of Twisting the aces).
- The modern card stab.
- The vanishing deck.
- Al Leech Transposition.
- Card to card case.
- Signature Transpo.

Volume 4 Contains:

8 cards change themselves completely!

On this video volume, Alexander assembled de Cova so rather everything, what there is to be said to this subject The technology of the showing, the displaying, different transformation -. Everything is explained into the detail.

'The wild card' is an enrichment for each card program. Even magic friends, who show already one 'wildly Card' -routine, will find here novelties.

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