Talk Like a Dummy: ABC's of Ventriloquism

Talk Like a Dummy: ABC's of Ventriloquism

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The art of Ventriloquism has never been easier to learn!

On this DVD, professional ventriloquist Bob Rumba teaches you the ABCs of Ventriloquism. The DVD begins with the most basic concepts of ventriloquism - talking without moving your lips - and continues on to advanced technique and character development. On the way, every step in between is thoroughly reviewed. Once mastering Bob's instructions, you'll be talking like a dummy in no time.

The DVD is broken down into chapters, making step-by-step learning easy. Once you've mastered the first chapter, move on to the next, building one skill on the other as you go.

On this DVD, you will learn:

-Talking without moving your lips
-Letter Substitutions
-History of Ventriloquism
-How to work with and select a puppet
-How to make your dummy come alive
-Dialogue development
-And much, much more!

Additionally, the DVD features legendary ventriloquist Jay Marshall, and a warm remembrance of his famous puppet, Lefty. Jay discusses in detail how he got his start as a ventriloquist, how he developed Lefty, and shares other valuable insights gained over his 60+ years as a professional entertainer.

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