The Key To Card Magic by Frank DeMasi video download

The Key To Card Magic by Frank DeMasi video download

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Frank DeMasi - The Key To Card Magic

Renowned magician Frank DeMasi, aka Magic Frank, believes that anyone can perform feats of magic and has been performing magic professionally for audiences of all ages for over two decades. He now wants to show his techniques and methods via his award-winning 'Lessons In Magic' instructional video series.

The Key To Card Magic DVD consists of 21 simple - yet effective - tricks with a regular deck of cards. You will learn how to have the card picked, mysteriously disappear, and end up in your wallet, shoe or even in the deck box. You will also learn 4 ways of having your spectators "pick your card" and 5 more amazing card tricks with the "key card" technique. This is great for aspiring card magicians of all ages and levels.


1. Intro
2. Use of Video
3. Explanation of a Force
4. Difference of Regular Deck and a Gimmicked Deck
5. Rules of Magic
6. Outside Box
7. Name That Card
8. Card in Pocket
9. Mind's Eye
10. Card in Wallet
11. Houdini's Spirit
12. Wish You Were Here
13. You Must Be Joking
14. Card in Box
15. Card in Box (Harder Version)
16. Checkered Flag
17. Card in Shoe
18. The Future is Back
19. Match This
20. Georgie Says
21. Card in Envelope - Bonus
22. The Key Card Technique
23. Phone a Friend
24. Use of Keycard
25. Houdini's Spirit-Key
26. Magical Ball
27. Off to the Races
28. Kings of Detectives

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