Salvador Sufrate - Don't Blink (video download)

Salvador Sufrate - Don't Blink (video download)

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Don't Blink by Salvafor Sufrate

The magician asks a member of the audience to choose a card; this card is then signed and then lost in the deck. The magician takes a card out of his pocket...unfortunately, this card is not the chosen one.

No an instant the card transforms into the signed selection!

An incredible card change created by Salvador Sufrate. Any magician's dream comes true...imagine changing a card at the tip of your fingers and giving it to any member of the audience immediately for examination. Imagine further that you could show your hands empty, use a signed card, and do this all with no weird moves or complicated skill

Imagine no more!

Don't Blink is just such a miracle...

  • Card Can Be Examined Before and After
  • Includes Self Working and Advanced Handlings
  • There Are No Flaps 
  • The Perfect Ending To Your Favorite Card Trick

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