Urban by Richard Bellars

Urban by Richard Bellars

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Richard is fast becoming one of the most requested magicians at the top celebrity parties. His no nonsense, high impact approach to Magic leaves any spectator speechless.

On this DVD you will get the low-down on the astonishing feat of card throwing as Richard takes you step by step through every minor detail including: stance, aim grip, and everything you will need to know to throw cards further, faster and harder than you could ever imagine.
No stone is left unturned as you watch Richard take a complete novice and teach him to cause cards to cut through the air like a razor blade. You will see how you can add this unique skill to your magic as well as impressive demonstrations such a slicing through newspaper.
In addition to this, Richard hits the streets to perform and explain some of his astounding street magic. These are routines that are straight from his professional working repertoire and you too will be performing them everywhere.
Effects Include:
Selective Amnesia
Make someone completely forget something that they have been painstakingly trying to remember and with just a snap of your fingers you can make them believe that the thought never even existed.
Small ChangeA rapid fire impromptu coin routine.
Very Ambitious
A perfectly structured Ambitious Card routine that has been honed to perfection through countless performances.
Observation Test
Never know how to open when you hit a group of people? Look no further. The Observation Test is a quick, eye-popping, two-phase routine that climaxes with a deck vanish that will hit 'em so hard they will be begging for the next trick.
Also includes the first trick Richard ever performed on the streets.

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