Lyndon Jugalbot and Arnel Renegado - Space

Lyndon Jugalbot and Arnel Renegado - Space

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Space by Lyndon Jugalbot and Arnel Renegado

SPACE consists of two balancing effects from Arnel Renegado and Lyndon Jugalbot. They are easy to do and easy to construct. I'm sure you'll have fun with it.

Half of the pack is balanced near the bottom corner. While on that position half of the pack mysteriously move by itself towards near the top corner to make the balance harder but still remains stable until you drop it into your spectators hand on your command. Welcome to Ghost Glide!

Balance any selected card on the very side of the deck. YES! any card and it can be signed and everything can be examined at the end. CLIP HANGER is also capable of balancing other small, and light weight objects. The possibilities are unlimited. Welcome to Clip Hanger!

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