Alfredo Marchese - Professional Card Magic

Alfredo Marchese - Professional Card Magic

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Alfredo Marchese - Professional Card Magic

ADate anda Card
Themagician asksa spectatorto think ofany timeof the yearand presented him withan agenda forit seeksthe date in question, and thenasked tonamealoudthe cardisregistered.The spectatortakesa card gamewith aperson who hadcustody,one by one,out loud andlooking forthe mapthat corresponds tothe date chosenaccount.It will have51cards andof coursewill not seethe selected card.Finally, themagiciansaysan envelope thatwasall the timein the sight ofalland pulls out acardthatis missingin the game.

Cardsand glasses
A card gamethat can be borrowedis given to aspectatortothatmix anddivided into threepackages.Then hegives twootherspectatorsthey mixthem.A spectatornames a colorandthreeothers saythree valuesof the game.The magiciantakes the threedecks of cardsandleft onthetablewithoutreverseorder.It was notedthat there are threecupson the tableandputsthe packets, tarotto thepublic.Itasks the audience tore-appointtheselected cardsandcutsbackto showthat it is indeedthe same.

KoltaofFoutainof Cards
A card isselectedandlostin the game.The game is setina transparentcup.The orders of themagician, the cardsstart flyingin the airuntil onlyone remainsin the cut.The cardremainsin the cupis of coursethe chosen card.

The magicianshows a smallenvelope containinga prediction.To preventthe audienceto thinkhe canhandle it,heplaces it in alarge envelope.Healsobetmoneya bank.Thenthe spectatorchooses a card(an invisiblegame).When the envelopeis opened, thepredictionis correct!

The Cardinthe Egg
Themagician asksa spectator to"think" ona mapandname.Then heasks anotherspectator to choosean eggandplace it inan egg cup.Finallyhe askedathird personto breakthe egg.Sheis looking for somethingin andoutwhat appears to bea rolledmap,theplaceanditshows thatit is thethoughtcard.


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