Honey - HACAAN

Honey - HACAAN

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Honey - HACAAN

Honey's Any Card At Any Number

" Very nice job HONEY, I am impressed and look forward to seeing more from you" :-- BOB CASSIDY

" Great Work " :-- BEN CARDALL

"Pretty Impressive" :-- BEN SALINAS

Honey has done it again. His "HACAAN" is a new approach on Berglas Effect. This time he tried to create an acaan effect which is as much "HANDSOFF" as possible.

He explained TWO different versions.
First one is Tough.
Second version is very easy and 100 % worker.

BOTH VERSIONS HAVE HANDSOFF COUNTING SYSTEM. The first version ( "PROFESSIONAL STAGE VERSION") is for Professionals. By that we mean, it requires spectator management.

The second ( "BEGINNERS VERSION" ) is a 100 % sure shot worker. We promise you, that you WILL use the "BEGINNERS VERSION" for the rest of your life. It's a modification of a very old principle. Most of the time, you will love to perform "BEGINNERS VERSION" only.

Some advantages of "HACAAN" :--






If you like the mentalism style of Genius personalities like PETER TURNER , COLIN MCLOID , MAX MAVEN , then here is something for you.

"HACAAN" is one more small contribution for the never ending search of "The Holy Grail of Card Magic".... From the creator of "HONEY-HULD" , "BEYOND SENSES" and "A.T.A.A.N".

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