Break by Uday Jadugar

Break by Uday Jadugar

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Break by Uday Jadugar

VISUALLY bend then BREAK a real penny in front or your spectators eyes. Fully examinable BEFORE and AFTER.

Possibly the CLEANEST and most VISUAL coin bend on the market.

Have you tried bending a coin with your hands? It’s impossible. Now try it with your MIND. BREAK is an effect that allows you to visually bend and break a coin in HALF. The spectator can attempt it, to no avail. You then do something crazy and repeat the effect, bending and breaking the coin again. All of this happens right in front of your spectator’s face. No funny moves, no switches, nothing to conceal -- and the coin can be SIGNED.

Real Metal. Real Money.

Break includes 25 handcrafted, authentic USA coins, engineered specifically for this effect. Never before has this technology and unique level of craftsmanship been applied to a coin bend routine. It’s entirely self-contained: you can perform this in short sleeves, with no switches.

There is nothing like BREAK on the market today. This is REAL metal. REAL currency. Truly bent and broken at your fingertips.

The best part?

Everything can be examined BEFORE and AFTER the effect. Let the spectator keep the broken, signed, mangled pieces - they’ll remember that moment forever. 

Break includes 25 handcrafted USA coins along with an HD streaming instructional video showcasing different methods and performance tips.

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