Promotional Magic with Bill Anderson (Video Download)

Promotional Magic with Bill Anderson (Video Download)

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Bill Anderson - Promotional Magic with Bill Anderson

The Effect

"Every time you perform it's an audition for your next show" -- Bill Anderson

Join professional magician and hypnotist Bill Anderson as he shares the unique form of magic know as Promotional Magic. Promotional Magic has been a closely guarded secret for many full-time magicians and can now be yours.

You will be shown, step-by-step, techniques and family oriented magical routines that will guide you on how to get your business cards into the hands of potential clients without the hard-press sell.

You will learn the following:

  • Business Card Matrix
  • Promotional Monte
  • Promo Warp
  • Promotional Magic Kit Card
  • Treasure Hunt Map Trick
  • Tinky Winky Escape
  • Woogie, Woogie, Woogie
  • Promotional Prediction
  • And Much More!

Manufacturer Says
Running Time: 105 Minutes


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