Daniel Garcia - Torn

Daniel Garcia - Torn

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Daniel Garcia - Torn



This is the best piece by piece restoration to date!


"In the basement of a seedy Las Vegas hotel, Daniel Garcia slowly touched two pieces of torn playing card together. Achingly slowly, with no cover. And then he let go of one piece, and it was restored!

Paul Harris shook his head and softly muttered, If this kids not using some kind of sticky stuff, he owns me.Daniel restored the third and fourth pieces in equally miraculous, just-touch-it-and-oh-my-god-it's-restored ways, and handed Paul the card.


In lieu of Paul's mortal soul, Daniel agreed to let Paul get Torn out to the world. It really is the next great leap forward in the piece-by-piece restoration; it's totally practical and even more magical than the original TV-only version.

With this DVD and a little work you'll have a breathtaking magical effect you can do anywhere with any freely selected signed card.

Torn didn't just astonish Paul Harris -- Daniel has owned just about every magician and for sure every laymen he shown his creation to. Daniel Garcia's "Torn" is a must for anyone who wants to perform a truly miraculous piece-by-piece restoration."

What you get:
DVD, and the most amazing piece by piece restoration ever created.

The Dvd-

Garcia does a great job explaining this effect.
He informs you on everything you need to know to perform this miracle,going ever all the angles of the effect.
After going over the explanation piece by piece he then shows the moves with a contrasting card so you can get a better idea of what piece is which and were it should be at each step.

The menu is very appealing and is pure eye candy.
Eveything on the menu is oganized into one page (no going from menu to menu).


This is the introduction to the routine and gives you a quick rundown on the effect.
Also gives you the option to watch the original VHS version of the trick marketed before the DVD.
The VHS version includes a performance of torn.
Unfortunatly though the VHSversion includes some other tips as well as better patter it's quality isnt that great.

The Preparation-
Garcia goes over the preparation of the trick.
The prep work is very quick and only takes about 45 seconds.
Garcia goes over eveything you need to know about the preparation of the effect.

The Restoration-
Goes over the restoration of each piece in detail first with the same color card and then of contrasting color.

1rst Piece-
The easiest and most startling part of the trick.
The angles on this are pretty leniant.
This is a very slow clean restoration wear you'll have the audience rubbing thier eyes in misbelief.

2nd Piece-
Also pretty easy.
Takes a bite more work though.
Very quick and visual restoration.

3rd Piece-
Takes the most work to get down and is the most angle sensative.
This is a very amazing quick and visual restoration as well.

Just a quick review of the whole explanation.

Advanced Method
Enables you to perform the same routine this time putting the pieces in your mouth so that the pieces never leave the spectators sight.
Very convincing method.
But for me the original method is good enough.

The demo that we've all seen

Quick Learn-
Allows you to get a behind the scenes look at the same time as he's performing the effect in full time.

Point Of View-
Gives the perspective from if you were watching right over Garcia's shoulder.
It is a very nice feature to have.

POV types:

Real time-
Gives you a behind the scenes view as Garcia performs the whole trick in real time (no audio).

Gives you an over the shoulders view as Garcia explains the effect.

Slow motion-
Gives you a behind the scenes view of the trick as he does it in slow motion (no audio).


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