J.C.'s Super Closer by J.C. Wagner (Presented by Michael Ammar)

J.C.'s Super Closer by J.C. Wagner (Presented by Michael Ammar)



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J.C.'s Super Closer by J.C. Wagner presented by Michael Ammar

Multiple phases, each one more impossible than the last. Make sure to perform this trick last, cause NOTHING will top it.

"We call it Super Closer because WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DO with a deck of cards after something like this?" -Michael Ammar

You can't top this trick. It's a masterpiece, it really is. Super Closer gets more and more impossible every step of the way, until the finale just melts peoples' brains.

The routine starts by finding the aces from a shuffled pack, but becomes SO MUCH MORE.

After having your spectators mix up the cards, you're able to cause 4 "indicator" cards to MAGICALLY APPEAR from behind fans of cards. This looks beautiful and is still just the beginning. Next you're able to find all 4 aces, and for your finale, you INSTANTLY sort the entire deck into suits.

This is no quick trick. It's a full-length professional card routine you can put right into your act... Well.. at the end of your act anyway :)

It doesn't require difficult sleight of hand, in fact if you're new to magic you're in luck! Michael Ammar is one of the world's greatest magic teachers, and if anyone can help you master a routine quickly it's him.


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