Richard Osterlind - Essays

Richard Osterlind - Essays

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Richard Osterlind - Essays

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And so far, I feel like recovering myself from a big shock!

Once you get this, sit down, open your mind and get ready for a brutal brainwash. Yes, a BRAINWASH that will positively change you and your way to think for your OWN GOOD!

Yes, that's the way I feel. I feel like I was given a chance to talk to a mystic Oracle, a person open to give me his most honest answers and share his insight. It is a strong feeling, your mind will be going from "Oh,no, I can't believe I've been doing this my entire life" to "Oh, yes! that's the way it should be!".

This marvel comes packed with nine powerful essays: nine essays that will really change the way you think about yourself, your audience and even your friends (your magician and mentalist buddies).

Nine Essays that will change the way you think about what you do, and even go as far as change your entire appearance.

These are nine essays that will get you to think on HOW TO BECOME YOU---yes, you!---and be confident enough to stop pursuing the clone that your subconscious mind wants you to be!

Every single one of these nine essays has been designed to be straight and to the point. They will hit you hard and go deep into your mind where they will sink and make you think and think hard while you start to realize that there are some paradigms that need to be broken right away if you really want to fly.

Now, I don't have to tell you that what you will find in this book is something that you'll immediately appreciate. We all know what kind of performer and teacher Mr. Osterlind is. It is just plain obvious to all of us who have followed their books and releases.

The advice in here will show you the right path to grow yourself not only as a performer but as the ideal human being. Yes, it is that strong and honestly, I believe that you (as I did) will now see why getting this kind of advice is so hard: It is a most precious treasure. A treasure that anyone will want to keep for itself. A treasure that most performers have obtained through their years of experience and hard work. And yet, there is someone who has decided to put this thinking into words and share it with us!

Richard, I want to express my gratitude to you for such a masterpiece.

It is one of the best books I've ever read and I believe it fills a gap regarding the way we look at our art and what we do.

This book is changing my way to think, and that can only be good!

This is in fact a perfect conclusion to your previous work on Making Real Magic and Making Magic Real.

And now that the Osterlind Trilogy is complete I can only advise others to get a copy of this Trilogy as soon as possible if they really want their audiences to BELIEVE!

But again, be prepared, because as I just said, these books will CHANGE YOU!

Now I'm reading it all over again : the whole trilogy. This is an experience, a whole experience!

Thank you Richard for being so generous to share this with us! Thanks really!