Nelson Solar Zodiac Chart By Bob Nelson

Nelson Solar Zodiac Chart By Bob Nelson

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Nelson Solar Zodiac Chart By Bob Nelson

Announcing new ready-to-print artwork, completely re-typeset and reformatted for your desktop printer (US or A4 size), for Nelson's amazing Solar Zodiac "Horoscope" Chart! This tick sheet makes giving an impressive Astrology reading a breeze! Plus, you are free to print and use this "tick" sheet over and over for your own use! This one will easily pay for itself many times over the first time you use it.
Here's Nelson's original (circa mid-1950s) ad copy:
A BRAND NEW money-making idea involving the age-old Science of Astrology...Nelson's NEW Solar Zodiac Ticking Charts enable you to produce an Individual and Personal Reading in a matter of a few seconds. Each Solar Zodiac Chart is cast individually for the purchaser - while they wait, which is a matter of seconds.
Their individual reading will show their birth date, birth sign and constellation; Ruling planet and Birthstone; Physical Portion of the Body ruled by that sign, alleged "lucky" day and various characteristics and vocational aptitudes, as well as faults and shortcomings.
Calculation is based on the individual birth date, and the system or working can be learned in a few minutes. No skill is required. The simple, easy to understand manual explains the "casting" process in detail. Given the same birth day - month and day, different operators will produce the same reading. Even years later, by using this simplified system, the reading will be the same for a given birth day. No later contradictions!
A fast, proven money-getter in dime and department stores, theatres, fairs, resorts, expositions and night clubs for table work, parties, etc. A dignified reading that readily sells for a dollar (1950s rate), yet requires only a few seconds to produce. The intense appeal of a PERSONALIZED reading is immense. Initial tests show that the New Solar Zodiac Ticking Charts have greater appeal than the graphology pitch, consequently earn more money.
A new appeal - a new virgin field now exists. Be the first to cash in on this terrific selling line. Profits are enormous.
What you get...
Nelson's original instructions that will help you master the system in minutes, as well as Bonus Astrological Sign Quick Reference information and instructions that detail how to print your own Solar Zodiac Charts. 10 pages.
NEW, ready-to-print Solar Zodiac Chart artwork (two-sided) for both US and A4 page size desktop printers. These comprehensive horoscope tick sheets feature 141 separate line items! Space provided on back cover for your promotional information and contact details.
Plus for a limited time, we'll also include Astro Lines for Readers - A $4.95 Value! FREE! Over 200 mostly flattering, Astrological (warm reading) lines that your sitters are likely to accept as true about themselves - all categorized for your convenience.


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