Luca Volpe - The Psychic Show PDF

Luca Volpe - The Psychic Show PDF



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Luca Volpe - The Psychic Show (DL)

After the great success of “The White Rose” (a limited release book that sold out within a few weeks) I bring you the explanation of my full Psychic Mentalism Show, a full working show that has served me well over the years.
This is a complete show that can be performed at psychic parties, clubs, small theatres and private functions. It is a journey into people’s future, hopes and dreams, it is extremely powerful and entertaining.
The show has a full structure and concludes with a wonderful Q&A Act for which no preparation is required as it can be performed in real time. All methods are simple and easy to perform, leaving you to concentrate on presentation. The routines included are very flexible, they can easily be adapted to a classic mentalism show with some modifications of the theme. Full scripting of the entire show is also included.
And, as bonus, you will also get the explanation of another psychic show that packs super flat and can be performed any time and anywhere, it also includes a new way to perform a Q&A Act!
As always, all of my routines have been tested on real audiences and everything has already been done for you, so you only need to learn the routines and perform!
This is a show that will make you money! I still perform it with great success and continually receive repeat bookings from it.
Only 200 copies will be made and each buyer will receive a pdf of performance rights.
Part of the foreword by Richard Osterlind:
…”I could go on and on with each effect telling you what I like about each, such as the remarkable Q&A act, but you will certainly experience all the clever subtleties yourself as you read through this book. If Luca Volpe doesn’t get your creative juices flowing here, I don’t know what will.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this book as much as I have and please – READ EVERY WORD! There is no fluff within these pages, but rather a ton of great ideas and insights. You could easily make a living off this act alone.
Once again … great job Luca!”
Richard Osterlind
Ths show starts with an opening act, using a mystery package, which is sealed with a lock, that the mystery entertainer is holding. This will lead in the first routine with an incredible revelation/prediction and everything is then connected to a deck of tarots cards. Everything is very emotional and very personal, is a very strong start of the show.
Then, using a pendulum, it goes in a name and age revelation of a thought of a person.
The center piece of the show which I am very proud of it, is a mind to mind communication act between two people which will end with an impossible prediction.
The final act is my new updated version of my Singing Bowl Q&A Act, which now is done with a blindfold and the method is very easy, this mean that you will be able to concentrate on the presentation/readings.
The Q&A Act will end with a major effect/reading for all the audience, which then will lead in a very empowering script.
Other then this full act, is also included in the book another small psychic party show, that packs super flat and can be performed anytime and anywhere. This act will also end with my Symbols Q&A (a new way to perform an open Q&A Act)