Michael Close - Complete Workers(1-5) PDF

Michael Close - Complete Workers(1-5) PDF

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Michael Close - Complete Workers(1-5)

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Complete Workers by Michael Close 5 Volumes complete

The Workers eBook- Michael Close's Workers series contains some of the most commercial, entertaining, and powerful magic ever published – a repertoire that spans almost 30 years of professional performing in real-world conditions. Michael has held nothing back. You’ll learn the how and the why behind every routine.
"This is a complete revitalization of the Workers books, including an improved and expanded layout, corrected text, larger illustrations, and extensive annotations that cover insights and innovations that have been discovered since the books were first published. This is the Workers series the way I wish it could have looked when I first brought them out." Michael Close
This new eBook contains updated comments, bonus material, and a new and improved layout and two bonus tricks. More than 650 pages!

Here are some comments about the Workers Ebook.

"I've seen Michael do this stuff for real audiences, so I know these routines truly are workers: Effective, commercial and smart." Max Maven

"These are books I turn to again and again. I can't imagine any serious close-up library that is without its Workers." Gordon Bean

"Rarely, but every once and a while, you start reading a book and suddenly it makes you realize how shallow everything else you've been reading is. Among those rare enlightenments is Michael Close's Workers series. Even if you never perform a single one of these routines just reading them will give countless insights into making your magic better." Stephen Minch

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