David J. Lustig - Vaudeville Mind Reading (PDF Download)

David J. Lustig - Vaudeville Mind Reading (PDF Download)

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David J Lustig - Vaudeville Mind Reading

PDF download

A treasure from mentalism's past...David J. Lustig's extremely rare and long out of print book,"Vaudeville Mind Reading and Kindred Phenomena," 20 chapters of systems, codes and other methods of doing club and stage mindreading, second sight, crystal gazing, the blindfold drive and other publicity stunts, telepathy, startling sealed message reading and psychic effects, including a full two hour show that requires a minimum of equipment. This is powerful, practical material that stunned audiences in the past and properly presented, will still do so today. A must-have addition to any serious mentalism libary.


3 Introduction (Henry Hatton)
4 Foreword
7 Vaudeville Musical Silent Thought Transference Act: In which members of the audience whisper to the performer the titles of any musical selection and upon spectator requesting the lady at the piano to "Please play my selection," she not only plays it but names the selected piece. This is a method of performing the most baffling Silent Thought Transference act that has ever appeared upon the vaudeville stage
12 Vaudeville Second Sight Act: Involving a new method of signalling to the medium, which enables her to go into audience, and, while apparently under the hypnotic control of the performer, accomplishes some difficult and complicated tests. Medium also writes initials of spectators and the names of selected cards
16 Vaudeville "Crystal-Gazing Act: Complete method in which the performer, working in oriental garb, walks freely about stage, reading answers to queries, also names, etc., written by members of the audience. This sort of act has mystified audiences through-out the world. Performer consults crystal sphere, wherein he professes to read the various answers to questions put to him
17 Phonetic System For Silent Thought Transmission Acts: "Something new under the sun." In this chapter this new and novel system is worked around the most baffling silent transmission act of them all; in which any selection whispered to the performer, in audience, is played by the blindfolded pianist on the stage
21 Vaudeville Feature Mind Reading Act: Complete modus operandi of a mind reading act, the kind which always wins favor with an audience
24 Winged Mystery: An unusual and baffling mind reading experiment with a sure-fire sensational finale. A feature specialty of just the sort to bring a big mind-reading show to a close
26 On Answering Questions: Treating how to answer "catch" questions as well as many others
27 Method Of Obtaining Sealed Messages Written At Home By Members Of The Audience
28 The Blindfold Drive: Various methods of staging and performing this great publicity getting stunt
30 A Sensational Publicity Test: This is a stunt staged by the performer in the city or town he is playing, and is sure to bring forth columns of news stories that is far better than the usual news stuff
31 A Vaudeville Mind Reading Act: Complete from introductory speech to the transmitting of articles; with various tests for the medium, introducing a short fortune telling by cards, effect and all in all an act that can run from twenty minutes in vaudeville to an hour and a half in a theatre as the feature part of a road show
37 Publicity Stunts For Mind Readers: Six tests that can be performed in clubs, newspaper offices or hotels and will gain prestige for a clever entertainer
41 Silent Thought Transference: A method that has puzzled audiences in this country and abroad
45 A Later Day Miracle: A different sort of test after which an audience is left too dazed to even applaud until several minutes after the curtain has descended
46 Mind Reading Act For Club Entertainers: A non-electrical method of reading and answering questions, using the crystal ball feature. This is a new method and will be appreciated 'by the club and society entertainer
48 The Chess Knight Tour: Two methods of performing this entertaining feat, which can be introduced as a mind reading experiment
49 Mentology: A novel effect which enables the club entertainer to name every card in an entire deck, in order drawn without memorizing
51 Voice Culture: A valuable chapter that should not be skimmed over but carefully read by all mental telepathists and conjurors
53 Conclusion: A general wind-up, touching on mind reading and kindred phenomena
55 Supplement - Gambols Of The Ghosts: A two-hour entertainment, introducing demonstrations in Mysticism, Mental Telepathy, Occultism and kindred weird and startling so-called Psychic Phenomena, winding up with a novel Crystal Gazing performance. This entertainment will meet the approval of all advanced entertainers, especially the performer who wishes to carry only a limited amount of paraphernalia