Marc Oberon - Think-a-card

Marc Oberon - Think-a-card

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Marc Oberon's "Think-A-Card" is easy to do, direct, versatile, repeatable and very, very strong. It ticks all the boxes of a good routine.

A deck is spread towards a spectator and they just think of one card. The deck is spread again and as you watch the eyes of the spectator, you can reveal their thought of card.

This exclusive package contains the gimmicked version and the un-gimmicked version of the effect in two separate booklets. You also recieve the specially prepared deck for the gimmicked version to complete the package.

The ungimmicked version can be performed with any deck of shuffled cards and can be instantly repeated.

Booklets contain thorough explanations of the methods, many alternative revelations and ideas, the full scripting and photos throughout.

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