PIN by Laurence Hookway (PDF Download)

PIN by Laurence Hookway (PDF Download)



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What is it?
At its core, it's a chair test (without the chairs). The participants are seemingly in control of a number of decisions (which are free choices), then they mix with the audience involved (again, it's all pretty free) only to find themselves under the control of the performer by way of a prediction. It's a clean effect. It includes a lot of little touches to make a solid piece of entertainment.

The choices are free, this makes a change from a number of chair tests of recent times… this is very welcome here! (oh and everyone opens their own envelopes) - another big plus, it's a chair test that is about more than just picking a chair.

Laurence had mentioned that he wanted a routine that:
•The assistants/audience are the focus of the effect. They divine your PIN number whilst you appear to do very little
•Was as hands off as possible. In fact after you've written the names on the envelopes you never need to touch anything again
•Didn't use numbered envelopes or numbers at all during the process part of the routine; only for the Final Reveal
•Didn't use gimmicked or marked envelopes; just plain envelopes.
•Didn't use secret writing
•Allowed the assistants to have a completely free choice of envelope and initial position
•Allowed the audience to mix the assistants up; sometimes an assistant can switch places with one of his colleagues also
•Allowed the assistants themselves to open their envelopes themselves for the Final Reveal