T.A. Waters - Mind, Myth and Magick (complete ebook)

T.A. Waters - Mind, Myth and Magick (complete ebook)



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Mind, Myth & Magick by T.A. Waters


You have studied your Anneman, consumed Corinda. As a mentalist, what is the next step? Mind, Myth and Magick is the first genuine postgraduate course in mentalism. This volume contains over 800 pages filled with more than 200 fresh and innovative feats of Mind Reading and Bizarre Magick. In addition, T.A. Waters sheds penetrating new light on the entire field of mentalism through a series of extensivere-examinations of fundamental subjects like:


Book Tests

Spirit Tests


Symbol Tests

The Three-Phase Prediciton

The Newspaper Test

Billet Work

Working with the Tarot ...and much more

T.A. Waters is recognized as among the most original and knowledgable minds in mentalism. His work has been widely praised by Bascom Jones, Charles Reynolds, Tony Andruzzi, Ricky Jay, Ted Lesley, John Thompson, Irv Weiner, Phil Goldstein (Max Maven) and many others. In the 1980's, he released 21 booklets of his exclusive mental secrets, which were sold to a select clientele for a total of more than $300.

Mind, Myth & Magick contains all of these works and additional material, revised, updated and extensively illustrated. Within this one volume lies material that will set you apart from the generic mentalist and make a lasting and powerful impression on those who experience your performances.

"If Corinda is the Bible of Mentalism, T.A. Waters is the New Testament." - Gaetan Bloom

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