A Rose By Any Other Name by Fraser Parker PDF

A Rose By Any Other Name by Fraser Parker PDF

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Fraser Parker - A Rose by Any Other Name

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Prop-less Name/ Star Sign guess

A Rose By Any Other Name continues the simple, bold and beautiful approach found in Fraser's Limited Edition work False Messiah.

Fraser is now sharing, for the first time outside of his close circle of friends, his most up to date arrangement for guessing names and star signs completely prop-less.

You say a few lines of scripting and you are able to instantly divine practically anything the spectator is thinking of. Method and effect work seamlessly together to create a bold and beautiful deception that relies on fooling those who you perform for via perception.

NO naming of letters, anagrams or running through the letters of the alphabet. They give you a few characteristics or personality traits of the person they are thinking of and you are able to instantly divine thought of names and star signs with literally nothing more than a few seconds of scripting. It is the most compact, elegant and streamlined solution to date.

This is NOT the same method taught in False Messiah. If you already have his ground-breaking Limited Edition book then you will definitely want this latest variation on the prop-less name guess and star sign reveal – even if you don't already own what came previously you will still want to get this in order to stay ahead of what everyone else is doing.

“ROSE is the best method I've seen to date to divine thought of letters. It is direct, deceptive, easy and reliable. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Ross Tayler