Eric Hawkesworth - The Art Of Paper Tearing

Eric Hawkesworth - The Art Of Paper Tearing

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These routines, together with the necessary instructions for preparing the basic folds, are presented to teach the amateur performer the whole art of paper tearing. Once it is learned the performer can put on a show anywhere because the craft is literally at his finger tips and the raw material always to hand in the form of newspaper.

Most of the methods were devised by the old-time artistes of music hall and variety who developed this type of act into a fine art. This is the first book that offers a complete course of instruction from folding the papers to a finished presentation with effective patter.

Enough material for several complete programmes is included in the book and examples showing how to build an act to suit the audience and the occasion are given. All the routines are original and have formed part of the author’s programmes over a number of years. If performed as described, they can be assured an enthusiastic reception.