Jack Dean - Fragments

Jack Dean - Fragments

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Jack Dean - Fragments

Here's your chance! Now you can shatter your audience while you entertain them. The master mentalist, that's you, presents a streamlined demonstration of mind control, using a copy of Reader's Digest and a stunned member of your audience. The participant does all the work - you just instruct them as to what to do. Then you get all the applause. THE EFFECT: You riffle through the pages of a magazine and stop upon command. You tear out the selected page and hand it to a volunteer, who creases it across the centre and tears it in half. They decide to keep one half and discard the other. This is repeated until they are left with an eighth of a page. The participant touches the centre of the page fragment and looks at the word beneath their fingertip. You discern a letter or two and then announce the word. You can also show a prediction which reveals the selected word if you desire. A new combination! This is a mixture of an old effect with an old method, but you'll find this new combination simplifies the working and actually strengthens the effect. You use no switches, secret additions, confederates, counting of pieces, or counting to a word, BUT THE PRESENTATION DOES REQUIRE THAT YOU BE AN EXPERIENCED PERFORMER.