Rubik Notes by Mark Elsdon

Rubik Notes by Mark Elsdon

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Rubik Notes by Mark Elsdon
Following on from the success of his Rubik Remembered DVD, this is Mark’s brand new ebook: Rubik Notes.
The Notes contain Mark’s full solution for Rubik’s Cube (His version of the Layer Method, originally devised by Rubik-Guru David Singmaster. You can achieve solve times below one minute with this method.) and are fully colour-illustrated to make learning as direct as possible. The solution is completely self-contained and you don’t need to own the Rubik Remembered DVD or indeed anything else to learn to solve Rubik’s Cube – everything is right here in the Notes.
If however you do own Mark’s Rubik DVD you’ll be excited to hear that the Notes contain time-referenced illustrations of every single move on the DVD, so that students who require some additional help can have a written solution to hand. Simply match up the illustration to the exact time Mark does the move on the DVD and you have the full step-by-step explanation. Got a mental block about one particular sequence? Mark gives full permission to photocopy the relevant page so that you can carry the solution in your pocket.
You’ve already learned to solve the Cube? Great!
The Notes also contain three fantastic new presentations which turn solving the Cube into a piece of entertainment. Mark has been using these presentations for years – they are practical and engaging. This also makes them ideal for those performers who wear glasses, for whom the use of Mark’s original blindfold presentation is impossible.
Further, the Notes feature a chapter of interesting history, facts and figures to do with the Cube, which can help enhance the expertise of any performer who uses the Cube in their show.
Finally, the Notes contain a brand-new Rubik’s Cube effect which is perfect for anyone who already does or is learning to solve the Cube. This new effect can be used on its own or in tandem with Rubik Remembered - either way it’s a killer!

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