Alain Nu - Serial Thrillers

Alain Nu - Serial Thrillers

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Alain Nu – Serial Thrillers

Imagine having someone take one of their own bills, think of
one of numerous digits of its serial number, and then being
able to tell her what number she is thinking of. You can
then go on to giving her an intuitive personality reading
based on random digits which you have her call out from the
remaining numbers on her bill. If a crowd forms, you can
then demonstrate your phenomenal affinity with randomly
generated numbers by re-sequencing the eight digits into the
original order as they appear on her bill. This would indeed
be thrilling!

Serial Thrillers is 30 full pages with photographs, which
includes previously unpublished multiple-phase variations of
Alain Nu’s take on the serial divination effect. The
routines described may require a minimal set up, but some
may be done under impromptu conditions.


1. A flash memorization technique, along with subtle tips
2. Two methods for divining a single digit from the group of
3. An original serial number “correlation technique” between
two or more bills
4. Ideas for oracular readings from random dollar bill
serial numbers
5. A re-sequencing climax which replaces the traditional

Serial Thrillers addresses the issues, concerns, the pros
and the cons which most performers will encounter when
contemplating serial number divination effects. Each
variation supports specific condition criteria in which to
present such effects; each separate concept may be performed
on its own, either without its separate counterparts or as a
flexible combination of two or more effects. This system is
very dynamic, and gives you so much for so little, if any,
prior preparation.

A few years, Alain Nu produced a limited edition book with
some really good effects. That book is now out-of-print and
hard to find, but one of the highlights of it is
Serialistic, which is a multi-phase serial number routine
suited for stage.  It’s not a “self-working” effect as there
are some basic sleights and memorization involved, but it is
very impressive and worth the effort.  That basic routine is
described in the blurb.

Within the 30 pages of this 8.5″ x 11″ book are four
routines.  The first one is Serialistic.  The second one is
Serialogical, which is a close-up and impromptu version of
Serialistic.  You do need to be able to quickly memorize a
serial number and Alain explains the method he uses. No
matter which method you use to memorize numbers, though, it
will take practice, if you aren’t experienced with this

Serialocity, the third effect, is a variation of
Serialogical and a bit more difficult, but more flexible.
Serial Sniper presents ideas on how to make the routine
“organic and off-the-cuff” and quite memorable.

In addition, Alain presents some essays containing his
thoughts on serial number routines, plus information on
memorization techniques, applying numerology, and divining a
single digit from a group of numbers.  Alain presents
everything you need to know and provides wonderful details,
which are clear and easy to follow.  He holds nothing back.

If you’re looking for a real easy, almost self-working,
“out-of-the-box” serial number divination routine and
method, you should definitely pass this up.  However, if
you’re looking for some miracle-class methodology and plenty
of great ideas to enhance a serial bill presentation, then
this book is priced at a steal and highly recommended.

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