Phenomental! by Dustin Dean

Phenomental! by Dustin Dean



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Phenomental! by Dustin Dean

(Instant Download)A mixture of clever principles and bold, high-impact routines for the serious mentalist!

Jakob Michaels - "Inside this lovely little book are nine effects from the mind of Dustin Dean ranging from visual mind control effects (Puppet Master & Influenza) to a really really clever collection of small subtleties (UP-Force & WatchStop Principle). This a really nice collection of effects by a very ambitious bright mind that has worked through these ideas enough to ensure they work as well as create the proper "outs" when needed."

Sasha Crespi - "I've had the chance to read through this book and I must say that it truly is brilliant! Dustin is a super clever guy and the ideas in here are just Phenomenal! (pun intended)."

Andreu - "Dustin Dean's Phenomental! has very interesting concepts which I'm sure performers will enjoy. Influenza, Up-Force and WatchStop are easily worth the admission price - they surely got my mind in a creative state once more!"

Peter Turner - "Just finished reading Phenomental!, loved the Up-Force!"

Neil S. (Magic Cafe member) - "Dustin Dean already has several successful releases to his credit - HandWhich being one. With Phenomental! he has drawn on his extensive knowledge of mentalism and served up some real delights. It contains a good mix of material and with something to cater for all tastes and many situations. The material is practical and solid and with script and presentational ideas to help."

Eric L (Magic Cafe member) - "I bought it sight unseen. Glad I did. It's nothing but great top to bottom. I even used one effect on a couple of friends and their kids LITERALLY 45 minutes after reading it...totally impromptu (after rummaging through their drawers that is) I even got my dog involved. Do yourself a favor and send this man 30 bucks post haste. Well worth it. If you are anything like me (and I wouldn't wish that on anyone) you've paid much more, for much less, many times. You've also regretted it MANY times. This will not be one of them. Get it."

Phenomental! contains some of my most powerful work to date. Inspired by the likes of Peter Turner, Michael Murray, Luke Jermay, Fraser Parker, and many more.. Inside you'll find bold principles combined with classic approaches for a very modern feel.

Want to perform impossible mind miracles with no props? This book has it. Want to perform an emotional mind reading demonstration with a sure-fire approach? This book has it. Want to learn how to use suggestion and bold methods to achieve the impossible? Then this is the book for you!

Influenza: Influence a participant to think of anything you want with this sure-fire method! That's right.. Anything!

The "WatchStop" Principle: A clever, brand new principle that allows you to cause a moment of synchronicity for two participants.. Can be totally propless!

Vaporize: A routine that creates an amazing experience for a participant. Cause someone to feel a deck of cards (or photos, index cards, business cards etc) to slowly dissolve in their hands.. Leaving only their thought of card!

The Mind-Meld Principle: An amazing principle that can be used to enhance many routines. Create an initial connection between two participants' minds and demonstrate how this newly created bond can cause the impossible to occur!

Master of Puppets: A completely propless and gimmickless routine.. A PK touches style effect that causes your participant to be under your complete control in the most impossible way!

The Muse: An incredibly well structured routine that causes a very emotional moment for your participant. Make your mind-reading meaningful with this powerful effect!

Out of Uranus: My take on the classic "OOTW" routine. Easy and completely impromptu!

The UP-Force: Pick up on a very specific memory from your participant, then divine the exact object they are thinking of from that memory (even it's color)! Oh yeah.. And did I mention it's completely prop-less?? (Special thanks to Mr. Cassidy and Peter Turner for making this what it is today!)

65 Page Ebook PDF