Conjuring Arts - Summer Reading Club Collection (PDF ebooks)

Conjuring Arts - Summer Reading Club Collection (PDF ebooks)



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Conjuring Arts - Summer Reading Club Collection

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The Conjuring Arts Research Center is excited to embark on an exciting project with the global magic community. At Conjuring Arts we believe that some of the greatest secrets of magic can only be discovered by reading great books. Every week until the end of the summer we will be giving away a download of a great magic book. The book will be available for download until the end of the week at which time a different book will be given in its place. Please enjoy reading these classics of magics!

Week 1) S. W. Erdnase - Artifice, Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table (PDF)
Week 2) Henry Hatton & Adrian Plate - Magicians' Tricks (PDF)
Week 3) C. Lang Neil - The Modern Conjurer (PDF)
Week 4) Jean Robert-Houdin - Memoirs (PDF & EPUB)
Week 5) Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue - The Royal Road to Card Magic (PDF)
Week 6) David Devant - My Magic Life (PDF)
Week 7) Joseph Dunninger - Complete Encyclopedia of Magic (PDF)
Week 8) Jean Hugard - Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (PDF)
Week 9) Reginald Scot - The Discoverie of Witchcraft (PDF)
Week 10) Jean Robert-Houdin - The Secrets Of Confuring And Magic (PDF)
Week 11) Harlan Tarbell - Tarbell System Incorporated (PDF)

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