The Jerx - Magic for Young Lovers by Andy Jerx (Full Download)

The Jerx - Magic for Young Lovers by Andy Jerx (Full Download)



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Magic for Young Lovers by The Jerx

Magic For Young Lovers - The Jerx
Magic for Young Lovers is a book that was a bonus for people who donated to site during the third reader-supported year (season) of the site. The book is about half new material and half material from this site that has been updated and illustrated.

The title of the book is Magic for Young Lovers. Not because it has anything to do with youth or love really. It's just a nod to some of the author's favorite album covers/titles from the 50s and 60s which are evocative of a kind of youthful energy, happiness and romance. It's the type of thing the author believes Magic can use at least a little of, because so often magic is evocative of absolutely fucking nothing beyond this little unlikelihood that's happening in our hands.

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