Q&A Unleashed - Arcane Grimoires Vol. 2 (Codex Mentis) By Max Hazy (PDF ebook Download)

Q&A Unleashed - Arcane Grimoires Vol. 2 (Codex Mentis) By Max Hazy (PDF ebook Download)



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Max Hazy - Q&A Unleashed - Arcane Grimoires Vol. 2 (Codex Mentis)

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Arcane Grimoires Volume 2 - Codex Mentis by Max Hazy

Codex Mentis - Q&A Unleashed, Psy Kick, One Billet Routine, Readings.


This all started with an obsession. I have spent a lot of money purchasing everything I could regarding Q&A. I lost count of how many times I was disappointed. Having tested many methods… one day I threw everything from my mind and started from zero, building a solid rational of whys and hows. Eventually, I noticed two things that could be done fitting that rationale and two methods that could be combined in a flawless manner to fit the rationale. Then I started to use it, develop it further and further, until it became something that I’m VERY proud and I believe this will be of huge value to a lot of people.

I’m going to say as much as possible without spoiling the fun for whoever read it…

So, let’s get into it.

First of all, let me tell you right away… if you’re looking for a brand new concept, brand new method, brand new prop or a brand new “something”… I don’t think you will find it here. What you will find here is a combination of two specific similar methods in a way that virtually there are no disadvantages and virtually all their advantages remain. I’m releasing this because the specific ways that I employ those methods is something that I haven’t found published and I believe this will be of great value to a lot of people.

To give an idea, usually the core methods for Q&A are stea***g, or s***ch, or p**k, or secret glance through something like env****es or blin****ds, or ma**ed billets with more instructions so you can get more information, or imp dev***s, or two person c**e, or sto***s, or pre***w, or previous research about the audience… and what I offer here as the core method is NONE of that, ok? Sure, you can bring other methods to it… and I’ll even cover some of them in the book, but what I offer here as the core method is none of that… and yes, it is about secretly accessing the information.

So, what does it look like?

A- This is a one man Q&A Act very “risk free” that can be performed fully surrounded (yes, I have performed in such conditions). Essentially, this is what happens from the beginning to the end: you call a name, read the mind and answer the question… you call another name, read the mind and answer the question… again and again, from start to finish. Of course you can do more than just that, but essentially this is what happens… and this happens in 2 phases.

Phase One is called The Impulse. This phase is about the divination of things that you shouldn’t know without fail… there’s no stock readings, no preshow, no guess work, no statistics, no cold reading, no previous research about the audience, nothing like that… and there will be strategies to elevate this divination to a higher level… and this higher level is what I call the second phase: The Unleash… where it will be possible to do exactly what you would do if you were the real deal.

How deceptive is it?

A- Lay people will tend to take you as the real deal and even skeptics will go like… “wait a minute… something weird is going on here”. In fact, even fellow performers were taken in by the method so, it’s very very deceptive.

How practical is it?

A- There’s no set up, because the audience will set up everything for you. You will arrive in a place full of strangers that you’ve never seem before… and you can start performing right away. In terms of performance it’s also very practical… there’s a little knack required that is actually quite fun to do!

How hard is it?

A- In a scale from 1 to 5… it can be 2, 3, 4 and 5. In other words, you can adjust it according to your skill level. However, that’s quite subjective… maybe a level 3 can be called level 2 here… I’m not sure.

What material is required?

A- Billets and pens or pencils. You can bring more if you want and I’ll give suggestions on the matter.

Does it require sleight of hand?

A- The answer is NO. The whole act can be performed without doing a single sleight of hand. Yet there’s plenty of room for sleight of hand if you want to use it. But just so you know, it’s not required. In fact, the very first time I tried it, I didn’t use sleight of hand at all… and it was the first time that I’ve got people crying in my show. Crying out of joy, just to be clear.

Does it require memorization?

A- NO! It can be done with no memorization whatsoever but I will cover memory work in the book if you want to use it. In my opinion a mentalist should have a skilled mind as much as a magician should have skilled hands.

Who is this for? Who will get the most of it?

A- I believe this is perfect for the psychic kind of mentalists… and private readers might also get a lot from it, as Q&A is the perfect hook for private readings. I don’t think this would be good for the psychological approach or mental magic.

What about the other things beyond Q&A in this book?

A- You will get a routine called “Psy Kick”, which is a Psychometric Test with a kicker in the end (therefore the name). It’s one of my two favorites, full of logical disconnects and subtleties. You also get my “One Billet Routine” where you will be able to divine both written and unwritten information with 100% accuracy and I’ll show a great amount of applications regarding it’s use. You also get my views regarding Readings.

Who the hell is Max Hazy?

A- I am what can be called an underground performer from Brazil. By underground I mean that I’m not a full time performer and I’m not very “comercial”. Even though I have appeared on TV a few times I prefer to keep a rather “low profile” for personal and professional reasons. Underground also in the sense that I have my own ways to do things.

Do you have other projects in mind?

Yes. Probably my next project will be Redemption Drawing Duplication which is a full billet peek, fully surrounded, gimmickless, gaffless… only your skill is required and it’s perfect for walk-around. For now, I’ve decided to keep the Codex Tenebris for myself and my take on PK Touch was sent to Banachek as a contribution for his book if he decides to release that.