Spoonaround by Axel Hecklau (DVD Download)

Spoonaround by Axel Hecklau (DVD Download)

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Spoonaround by Axel Hecklau

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Three different routines - great reactions! 

1. Through and Through 

A spoon is placed into the envelope so that the handle is still visible.  Now a knife is pushed through the spoon bowl.  Apparently, it will penetrate the spoon without any problem.  The trick is revealed by showing the transformation of the spoon into a fork.  The allure of this version is that the explanation of the first effect creates the second effect.  

2.  Pure Transformation 

A spoon is placed into a little envelope so that the handle extends out.  The outline of the spoon is drawn on the envelope but when you reveal it to the audience they will see the drawing is a fork.  Shortly following, when you remove the utensil you‘ll see that it has change into an actual fork, too.  This version is very directly concentrated on the magic effect and offers two nice surprises.  

3. Mouth Transformation 

A spoon will be put into the mouth and turned around with the help of the tongue.  At the end of this mouth stunt, the audience will realize that the spoon has changed into a fork. This version contains a lot of comedy potential and audience communication.  The end is very surprising and funny at the same time.