Principles and Deceptions By Arthur Buckley

Principles and Deceptions By Arthur Buckley



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Principles and Deceptions By Arthur Buckley

Table of Contents


  2. Photograph of the Author
  3. Dedication
  4. Introduction by Theo Bamberg (Okito)
  5. Foreword by the Author
  6. The Principles of Magic
  7. Manipulation
  8. Substitution
  9. Duplication
  10. Camouflage
  11. Imitation
  12. False Partition
  13. Concealed Mechanism
  14. Falsification
  15. Arrangement
  16. Preparation
  17. Misdirection
  18. Concealment
  19. The Entertainment Value
  20. Showmanship
  21. Sleight of Hand
  22. Something New
  23. Invention
  24. Talking Acts Versus Silent Acts, and Pantomine
  25. The Practice of Leaving the Stage Unattended
  26. Assistants from the Audience
  27. Fakes and Accessories
  28. Gimacs
  29. The Plot
  30. Timing, Rhythm and Pace
  31. Footwork
  32. Presenting the Act in Public

    CHAPTER TWO – Magic with Coins

  33. Sleeving
  34. The Muscle Pass with One Silver Dollar
  35. Chinese Coin Mystery
  36. A Coin, A Ring and a Handkerchief
  37. The Bounce Vanish
  38. The Rear of the Thumb Palm
  39. The Pencil and the Silver Dollar
  40. The Turnover Pass With One Coin
  41. The Pinch Pass With a Single Coin
  42. A Very Pretty Disappearance
  43. Allan Shaw’s Vanish of a Coin
  44. Front and Back of Hand Transfer of a Coin
  45. Three Methods of Producing a Coin
  46. Downs’ Palm (first method)
  47. Downs’ Palm (second method)
  48. The Vanish of a Coin From the Fold of the Pants Leg
  49. Second Method
  50. Third Method
  51. To Pass Four Coins From Hand to Hand, Through Your Head One At a Time
  52. The French Drop and the Eye-glass
  53. The “Roll Down” Production for Four Coins (Buckley Method)
  54. The Downs “Click Pass” Viewed from a New Angle (improved)
  55. An Illusive Pass (original)
  56. The Click Pass and the Table
  57. The Spread Vanish (Allen Shaw)
  58. The Color Changing Discs (original)
  59. A Fine Coin Transfer Pass (by Downs)
  60. The Throw Away Vanish of Five Coins (original)
  61. The Appearance of Five Coins One After Another At the Finger Tips (Allan Shaw)
  62. The Surprise Appearance of a Coin (by Ron Leonard)
  63. The Magnetic Pass With One Or Several Coins
  64. Silken Silver (by Frank Cruse)
  65. Borrowed Money
  66. John Mulholland’s Slide Pass With a Single Coin
  67. Another Very Effective Production of Five Coins in the Left Hand (original)
  68. The Lynn Pennies (by Terry Lynn)
  1. The Steal (my method)
  2. Passing Several Coins Through the Table At Which You Are Seated
  3. The French Drop (improved)
  4. Another Original Five Coin Pass
  5. The “Miser’s Dream”
  6. Finale To “The Miser’s Dream” (by W. J. Alkinson)
  7. Coin Through Handkerchief (original)
  8. A Coin Vanish and Reappearance By That Clever Artiste (Carlyle)
  9. The Steal (by Cardini)
  10. Twenty-one Cents (by Ross Bertram)
  11. Coins Pass One By One From the Left Hand to the Right Hand
  12. The Transfer of a Silver Dollar From One Hand to the Other
  13. John Platt’s Chinese Coin on Pencil Illusion (with permission)
  14. Five Silver Dollars and a Handkerchief Routine
  15. An Invisible Journey (improved)
  16. The Eureka Vanish (by T. Nelson Downs)
  17. Production of Five Coins One By One At Fingertips and An Original Change Over
  18. The Thumb Pass With a Silver Dollar
  19. Split Fans and Coin Production (original)
  20. A Production of Twenty-four Coins in a Series of Fans, An Original Routine (by John Brown Cook)
  21. “The Multiple Roll Out” (by John Brown Cook)
  22. A Phantasy in Silver – A Complete Act with Coins, Fully and Carefully Explained and Illustrated
  23. A Phantasy in Silver – A Complete Act as it was presented by the Author at the I.B.M. Show, Chicago, on Jan. 17, 1948.

    CHAPTER THREE – Magic with Cards

  24. Magic With Cards
  25. Foreword to Chapter Three
  26. Opening For a Card Act
  27. A Finish for a Card Act
  28. The Buckley False Shuffle
  29. Cards to Pocket, With Ten Cards (with improvements)
  30. The Count (original)
  31. The False Count for More
  32. My Card in Cigarette Illusion (with improvements)
  33. The Thirty Cards and Two Assistants (with improvements)
  34. Ten and Ten
  35. The Vanish of the Last Two Cards in Presenting the Ten Cards to Pocket
  36. Method of Double Cutting Cards
  37. The Triple Climax (original)
  38. An Amazing Card Illusion, Just Think of a Card
  39. The Crimp (one hand)
  40. Exchanging a Card in Passing
  41. The Peek Location
  42. The Hofzinser Force
  43. The Slap Shift
  44. Sighting While Fanning the Cards

    CHAPTER FOUR – Magic With Billiard Balls

  45. My Original Billiard Ball and Card Harness
  46. Pointers
  47. The Production of a Ball From Behind the Left Hand followed by the Take Away Vanish
  48. A Ball Held in the Finger Palm Position by the Left Hand is Secretly Removed by the Right Hand in Passing
  49. The Wrist Roll
  50. The Production of a Ball on the Fist
  51. Moving the Ball Down from the Fist Position to the First and Second Finger
  52. The Production of a Ball Between the Middle Fingers from the Palm Without Aid from the Thumb
  53. The “De’Biere” Production of a Ball
  54. The Ball Roll from Finger to Finger
  55. The Ball Roll with Another Ball Concealed in Your Palm
  56. The Knee Roll Vanish
  57. The Strike Vanish
  58. The Wrist Roll and Palm Off Vanish
  59. Concealing a Ball Behind the Hand While Both Palms Are Shown
  60. Color Changes (first method)
  61. (second method)
  62. (third method)
  63. (fourth method)
  64. The Ball and the Handkerchief
  65. Production of Eight Solid Bal