Tyler Wilson - Dominatricks

Tyler Wilson - Dominatricks



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Tyler Wilson – Dominatricks

Dominatricks is a magic book that drips with style. It’s hard-backed innovation-stacked and action-packed with 150 pages of material Tyler Wilson counts on night after night to transform deafening laughter into stunned silence. You can build a professional close-up / walk-around act on these routines. Tyler Wilson did. Nothing is left out you get the full handlings presentations jokes and tips reaped from thousands of real world performances.

Here is a scant sampling of material that will soon jump from the pages of Dominatricks into your repertoire

Scarred Warp many have said that this is the only genuine improvement to Roy Walton’s Card Warp to date. See what happens when Tyler Wilson asks the intriguing question “What’s happeninginsidethe card tunnel while the folded card is passing through it ” His answer will shock you.

B52 Shooter your audience will never look at you the same way again. This is hands down the most visual Triumph routine ever created. Within minutes of learning face up cards will start rapidly shooting out of the mishmashed deck in a flurry of motion … with one hand.

Coke Inhabit Coin In Bottle has never been so sweet. The bottle is given away with the coin still sealed inside as a keepsake. Note There’s a big twist to this routine that we’re keeping a surprise until you read the book or get fooled badly seeing it done live by someone who did. It’s your choice.

Stick it to the Man you love the strong mentalism but don’t have the receding hairline required to pull it off Don’t fret with Dominatricks Tyler Wilson tips a fresh new pl