Oil and Water Unchained by Billy Debu (Video Download)

Oil and Water Unchained by Billy Debu (Video Download)



Products Description

Billy Debu - Oil & Water Unchained

Imagine yourself alternating 4 red cards and 4 black cards together. With a simple snap of your fingers the colors separate!
Do it again with 3 reds and 3 blacks and the same magical phenomenon occurs!
Finally, you do it again one last time with only 2 reds and 2 blacks and not only does it work again but you achieve a stunning and unexpected climax which will leave your audience dazzled.
If your spectators think it’s over, it’s not … Your whole deck now separates !!!

An entire Oil and Water routine, 5 strong effects, without gimmick, using a regular deck of cards.
Performed and explained in details by Billy DEBU.

This routine is part of Billy’s Crossroads project.