Kids Magic Bundle #2 by Scoop McCoy

Kids Magic Bundle #2 by Scoop McCoy



Products Description

Scoop McCoy - Kids Magic Bundle #2

Scoop McCoy’s Kids Magic Bundle # 2 contains three more routines from Scoop’s professional repertoire

These easy-to-do routines can performed in either ‘virtual’ or ‘social distanced’ shows and are designed to deliver maximum audience engagement and entertainment.

What you will learn:

Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter is Scoop’s twist on the boomerang/Jastrow optical illusion. This entertaining three phase routine culminates with a surprise magical ending the audience doesn’t see coming. A PDF with the necessary images is included.

Six Candle Repeat
Six Candle Repeat is Scoop’s version of the classic Six Card Repeat trick. Scoop has drawn birthday candles on the cards to make the trick more interesting and relevant for kids. The magician keeps throwing away candles but always has the wrong number for the child’s birthday cake. For a magical ending, one remaining candle card transforms into the correct number. Scoop explains how to make your own set of cards. Additional materials are required.

Simon Says
Simon Says is a fun routine with lots of audience participation. The magician correctly predicts the winner of a game of Simon Says. Kids know the game and love playing and watching it. This routine packs small and plays huge for ‘social distanced’ shows. Please note: There is no video. Written instructions are included as a PDF.

Anthony Lindan is a full time professional magician who performs as the character Scoop McCoy for children’s and family audiences. Some of the best kid show performers – Silly Billy, Robert Baxt, Scott Green, Christopher T. Magician and Doug Scheer – have all complimented Anthony for his practical and engaging approach to entertaining children.