Topit A Go-Go by Thom Peterson (Video Download)

Topit A Go-Go by Thom Peterson (Video Download)

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Products Description

Thom Peterson - Topit A Go-Go

Topit-A-Go-Go is the easy, any-time topit that moves with you.

Now there's no more tucking or tugging. Once installed, all you have to do is put on your coat, and the topit is immediately engaged and ready to go.

What's more, unlike other topits you may have tried in the past, you can slip your coat on or off at any time - right in front of your audience.

This unique system allows you easily move your coat out of the way at any time. Once your coat moves back, Topit-A-Go-Go is ready again.

If you like, you can even wear your shirt untucked.

Try Topit-A-Go-Go and enjoy the relaxed freedom available in no other topit.