Richard Turner - Masterclass Live (Week 1) (Mp4 Video Magic Download)

Richard Turner - Masterclass Live (Week 1) (Mp4 Video Magic Download)

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Vanishing Inc Masterclass Live lecture by Richard Turner (Week 1)

A magic icon shares some of his best secrets in this epic Masterclass that is destined to be required viewing for any serious card magician.

There are certain magicians that, if you ever have the chance to learn directly from them, you can’t afford to pass it up. Richard Turner is one of those magicians and this is your chance.

After having the privilege to recgonize Richard Turner as the Guest of Honor at The Session, we are still pinching ourselves that we’ll now get to present a once-in-a-lifetime Masterclass from this legend throughout June. This is truly a card magician’s dream come true.

We could spend hours recapping Richard Turner’s illustrious career (it’s so impressive, there is literally a full-length documentary about it called Dealt that is well worth a watch). But, to save you time, we’ll put it in the simplest terms possible. Richard Turner is an expert card mechanic that is, without a doubt, one of the best card handlers in the world—and, some may argue, possibly one of the best ever.

"One of the finest sleight-of-hand artists to ever live" Penn Jillette

"He does things with cards that no one in the world can do – no one."  Dai Vernon

The secret to his success has largely been driven by his unrivaled ability to tune into the deepest details of card magic that many of us overlook. he’ll be sharing those insights with you across two unbelievable 90-minute sessions followed by a live Q&A. 

From novel techniques to full routines, Richard will be sharing the true secrets to elevating from a good card magician to a great one. He is a joy to watch and learn from.

Week One will focus on false deals, with a particular emphasis on Bottom Deals and Second Deals. Richard will be showcasing the real work in a level of detail he has rarely shared anywhere else.